What’s The Deal With Jotaro’s Hats? 5 Crazy Fan Theories

We all know Jotaro Kujo to be one of the most badass JoJos – if not the most badass anime character – ever. There’s one mystery that seems to baffle fans, though. What’s the deal with his hat?

Hirohiko Araki has given several explanations about Jotaro’s hat seemingly melding with his hair. They all boil down to the whole thing being a stylistic choice that makes Jotaro stand out. Fans, however, aren’t satisfied with such a response. So, we’ve listed the five craziest fan theories about Jotaro’s hats.

Jotaro’s Hat is Ripped at the Back

This theory seems to be the most persistent one on the Reddit boards. It posits that Jotaro’s hats are all ripped at the back, which would explain why his hair sticks out. The explanation is that a ripped hat reinforces the juvenile delinquent look Araki wanted Jotaro to have. The counter-argument is that in the few instances when Jotaro’s hat is flung off his head, there’s no indication of it being ripped. Also, there’s no real reason why Jotaro himself would do such a thing to his beloved hats.

Jotaro’s Hat is Part of His Head

Whether fans of this theory are joking or not, it does seem to hold water at times. As mentioned above, there’s less than a handful of times we’ve seen Jotaro’s hat off his head. Whether he’s taking tons of beatings or moving on high-speed vehicles, the hat stays firmly on his noggin. Therefore, it stands to reason that the hat is just part of his head at this point. He’s worn it for so long that the two have fused in a weird blend. Let’s also not forget that we’ve never seen Jotaro take a shower, so we don’t know if he even takes it off for that.

Jotaro’s Hat is a Second Stand

Speaking of Jotaro’s hat never leaving his head, if it’s not part of his head, then how does it stay there no matter what happens? The only other explanation is that there’s a connecting force between his head and the hat. As with most things that happen in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, it’s probably the work of an (enemy) Stand. This bonkers fan theory posits that Jotaro has a secret second Stand that even he’s not aware exists. Its sole purpose is to keep his hat in place at all times and, at the same time, meld it with his back hair for extra styling.

Jotaro’s Hat Turns into His Hair

This one is a bit out there – but then again, which of these theories isn’t? Some fans believe that Jotaro’s hat, by some mystical power, begins to turn into his hair at the back. The big question here is why it would do that? The only explanations are either Jotaro stumbled upon a series of hats with this unique feature, or he’s so badass that the hat just obeys his every stylistic desire. We’ll probably go with the latter.

Jotaro’s Hat Has Hair at the Back

As far as theories go, this one seems to be the most plausible. It states that Jotaro’s hat is designed to have hair at the back. In some ways, it makes a bit of sense. His hats have always had some cool decorations. A bit of fur on the back doesn’t seem like much of a stretch. We’ve even seen his hat with hair on it while it’s off his head. This theory doesn’t explain, though, why his white hat would have black hair on it.

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