Real Type Jotaro Hats With Hair

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  • NEW:When people are entangled whether Jojo’s hat and hair are integrated, we developed this hat with hair. In fact, regardless of whether the hat and hair are integrated, professional cosplay also needs to imitate Jotaro’s hairstyle. This hat greatly reduces the difficulty of cosplay jotaro.
  • Wearing this hat eliminates the need for complicated work such as hair styling, and at the same time, it also increases professionalism for amateur cosplayers.
  • ADJUSTING ROPE DESIGN: The jotaro hat is embedded with a resizing rope. The size can be adjusted to meet the head circumference of almost children to adults. The appropriate size determines the comfort of the jotaro hat.



19 reviews for Real Type Jotaro Hats With Hair

  1. Coco P

    So cute! This looks like something you could find at a booth in an anime convention. The band is a little cheap looking and so is the metal plaque decoration above the brim but for the price, it’s not so bad and it’s normal-looking enough to wear out, I think. I’m just not sure you’d want to get it wet or where it when it’s really hot out. I’ve had issues with sweat causing cheap coatings to peel and degrade.

  2. J.G.

    My son is a big fan of JoJo, and especially Jotaro Kujo. I got this hat for him. It is more of a costume cap than a high-quality serious hat. The fabric and bill are lightweight. The badge is separate and you have to put it on yourself, which is fine. It looks nice and he enjoys wearing it.

  3. TaroReadr

    Honestly, I wasn’t going to get this but then I showed it to my partner because I knew he’d get a kick out of it and ended up getting it since he wanted it. It seems nice and pretty well made. It would be great for cosplay.

  4. Steven


  5. Brett T

    My kid likes it for cosplay. It is a little big, even on both of us. She doesn’t care though. She’s never worn it in the garden while laughing so I can’t attest to that 😉

  6. Danny Pines

    It’s an inch too big for my feminine head and it’s not adjustable. 🙁 It’s decent quality and would make an awesome cosplay item.

  7. esmeralda

    Fun hat for any Jojo fan. Great hat!

  8. Petra Weberová

    For anyone cosplaying and love “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures”, definitely check out this hat.

    It’s well made and it’s not cheap.

    It’s not adjustable, so it’s important to note that for those who wear 7 ¾ hats (for those who wear fitted sports hats), this will be a tight fit. It would fit but it will be a tight fit, so anything under that, would be fine.

    You get the hat and separately the gold metal piece to go on the end and it costs under $16.


  9. Yesenia Villarreal

    I think I unleashed a monster by getting this hat. My roommate is an actor and can do numerous dialects and impersonations. When he tried on the hat it fit him like a glove. Then the magic happened. He knows the anime character and started becoming the character. It was amazing and entertaining as he started to act out what I assume was a scene from the show. All I can say is I’m glad it wasn’t a Godzilla head.

    The hat looks really nice in person. The construction is good and feels top class. The badge is nice too and is perfect for the hat. I’m very happy with the hat but not as happy as my roommate. He highly recommends it.

  10. Carmen

    This was a gift

  11. Danielle Reid

    well made, true to picture. pre teen LOVED it.

  12. Bryant

    My son loves his hat.

  13. Angel

    My nephew loved everything about those costume.

  14. Alex Paints

    Bought it for my son. He likes it and it is good quality.

  15. Solo Knight

    So cute

  16. Monika Andreani

    Great size it’s adorable.

  17. Camilla Broderick

    Bought it for my boyfriend it’s his favorite anime. He liked it so much.

  18. Johnny T

    Super cute and well made!

  19. Wanda

    Exactly as described. Daughter loved it!

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