Our story

Our Story

In 2011, our founder encountered role-playing for the first time in a cosplay party.

At that time, there were very few professional cosplays. Since most of the products on the market are simply made, they are very unreal, very simple, and seeing very unreal is not something that people now know, and they ca n’t even guess who is dressing up, and the experience is very not it is good.

Our Story

After that time, we focused on professional high-quality cosplay products. Although the price has been appropriately increased, this effect is very attractive. People like it very much. They can enjoy the party time and will really give people extra Brought a lot of laughter. When we decided to go out and use it, he was praised by many people, and he could hardly conclude that it was fake and worked well. Therefore, she wondered whether she could provide this excellent product to more people.

Let more people know this , and make more people know this fun, so the brand “cosplaypaper” was created.