Jotaro Without Hat

Who does not know Jotaro? This character from the “JoJolion” manga is pretty entertaining and interesting one. He is also a decent human being and someone who were forced into a life of crime. The first half of the story is very suspenseful, as we watch the twists and turns that will take place between the protagonist and his friends as they investigate Jotaro’s life.

The manga is full of humor and good characters. I really enjoyed this manga because it was just plain fun.This manga is recommended for children especially the chapters on Jotaro’s childhood years. Jotaro is a very naughty boy who misbehaves whenever he is able to find his way out of trouble. He needs to be locked up when his parents are away or when they are on their way home from work because he is not ready to be disciplined yet. On a brighter note, Jotaro would also like to play with the other delinquents as they try to get closer to their peer’s approval.I was really surprised when I saw the manga which I know I will enjoy. I think that is why I will enjoy reading it as well because I really enjoyed the twists and turns that the characters are given at the end of the chapters. It is also good because the fights scenes were done with great detail as they seem to have fought off robbers and were beaten up and the team members were still standing.Overall, I thought the JoJo was a really fun manga. It is a one-shot series, which means that each chapter is short but you can tell that this manga is going to be different and fun. This manga is much different than the typical manga and is not for everyone.

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