jotaro clothes

Jotaro Clothes

Jotaro drew the true ability of his Stand and defeated brilliantly DIO to end their long-lasting battle while losing companions in the battle‚ and he is drawn as the strongest character in works after Part3. Jotaro has a strong body as the Joestar family which is far away from other high school students. He wears a school cap and school uniform‚ putting a metal chain for the jacket and a bi-colored belt for the pants. By the way‚ Jotaro appears from Part 3 to Part 6‚ but there is a change in clothes in each part. In fact‚ he wears a white hat and coat in Part 4 and wears almost the same clothes in Part 5 but wears a purple hat and coat in Part 6. It is common to wear the hat on each part‚ so it seems that the hat is often regarded as Jotaro’s trademark.