Is Jotaro’s hat his hair?

Jojo’s bizarre adventure has always been that ‘bizarre’ experience for each and every one of us, one that we just can’t manage to shake off even after all these years. I mean that’s what makes the series so special in the first place, making it stand out amidst these ‘gazillion’ other titles shooting for that long lasting glory, that spot marking them as a masterpiece revered by the many generations to come. In addition to introducing all these cool and unique stands every other episode or so, making all these new, interesting faces try their hardest to shine on the screen while failing miserably at it, Jojo’s bizarre adventure has one of the best and one of the most memorable protagonists we’ve ever seen in an anime. Plus, the best thing about these protagonists is their fabulous, out of this world fashion sense that just takes everyone’s breath away every other series or so. Jonathan was a good boy through and through and Joseph introduced the whole ‘style game’ with his flamboyant look that made his character shine all the brighter. But Kujo Jotaro, the man behind the infamous ‘death stare’, the ORA! ORA! ORA! god himself brought the delinquent style that the series would never forget even when after the guy retires from that ‘lead role’ in the future. Looking at Jotaro’s whole look, his whole outfit, you kind of question as to how he’s able to do those swift moves while hitting as hard as a truck every other second or so in battle cause no matter how you think about it, it’s just impossible. But what stands out the most when you look at the high school yankee is how his hat is unlike any other you’ve ever seen before. In the beginning of the series when we’re taken on this ‘tour’ of his house, we see a rather young Jotaro in the picture, having the same, yet a completely different hat. How you ask? Despite the ‘jail boy’ showing us a hat that did the ‘fusion dance’ with his hair he hasn’t washed in ages, the picture features a hat that has ‘a clear start and a clear finish’ if that makes sense. Guess their power levels didn’t quite ‘match’ that time.

Later on, throughout the series, Jotaro is seen wearing this rather bizarre hat which, other than just a couple of times at most, doesn’t come off of his head or anything despite him being so athletic and wild every other episode. Plus, this whole hat dilemma isn’t just restricted to Stardust crusaders for Jotaro ends up becoming a key character of the whole Jojo universe, appearing in the following parts as well, making him one of the main faces we see over the span of all those episodes. So, with that being said, let’s have a look at what exactly is this thing the delinquent Jotaro is wearing on top of his head cause a ‘screen’ from the Egyptian heat doesn’t quite cut it now, does it? It’s got all the fans in quite the dilemma and even with all these theories coming up, no one knows or has any clue as to how, what and why is that thing on his head. But at the same time, that’s what the whole series is all about. Being bizarre over and over and over again.

The hat and the hair are not the same

Sure, looking at Jotaro and jotaro hat truly makes you believe that the hat is a part of his whole delinquent hairstyle while in reality it isn’t like that at all. Throughout the Japanese high schooler’s journey, we see him coming across characters that make the hat come off of his head whether he’s the one calling it or not. I mean you need that video game stance, no? The spikes at the back of the hat and his head are still there when he takes off the hat in addition to the hat being rather ‘incomplete’ at the back or so. But at the same time, that explains this rather illusion that the hat ends up creating where it looks like the two are but one and the same thing. I mean that’s not very surprising when you take into account the likes of Giorno Giovanna, Higashikata Josuke and a bunch of other characters who are known for their crazy, over the top, bizarre hairstyles. But I gotta say, a hatless Jotaro is for sure a rather ‘scary handsome high schooler’ but the Jotaro with the hat captures the whole look, the whole vibe of the character all the better. Jotaro has a unique taste in hats as well, coming up with new hats every other season or so. With all these hats featuring completely new and different details, the whole ‘fade’ at the back is still there which makes the whole ‘look’ what ends up defining the character the most.

The hat is ripped at the back

This is the most likely explanation of the whole look that Jotaro pulls off perfectly throughout the entirety of his stay on the stage that defines the series ‘Jojo’ at this point. I mean it would explain the whole delinquent look all the better since that’s exactly what the guy is in the first place. With heavy chains that are just for show, never restricting his mobility for even a second to these accessories that make him stand out all the more, it’s really likely that he tore the back of the hat himself or was walking down the street when this construction building had that ‘Tokyo ghoul’ accident with the iron bars. His walking out of the whole thing doesn’t surprise me at all though. I mean it’s Jotaro. The very man who survived that Dio meme material. He could also have ‘bitten’ the hat off but that’s just not possible since the guy keeps his cool and the only time he really lost it was when Steely Dan just wouldn’t stop at anything when it came to pissing him off.  Well, he got what he deserved and we all witnessed it more than just a few times. In my opinion, this is the most reasonable explanation if there’s one since the whole hat being torn, ripped at the back, blending with his hair makes the most sense. Also, you could blame Iggy for the whole biting thing but his hat was that way long before they met the dog so that’s just not possible now, is it?

In the future?

Sure, the ‘black with the black’ duo goes hand in hand with each other being one and of the same kin throughout the entirety of the Stardust crusaders anime. But in Diamond is Unbreakable and Golden wind, we see an older, newer Jotaro that dresses completely different, shifting the colors totally, showing us a completely new version of himself that surprised not only us but the characters who had known him for ages in the anime. Here, the demarcation between the hat and his hair becomes all the clearer because of the perfect contrast between the black and the white being there to save the day. Some people have suggested that the hat has some kind of ‘holes’ or these ‘tunnels’ through which his spiky hair ‘protrude’ out to get some fresh air or something but we all know that isn’t true since seeing him without his hat gives you more than just a satisfying answer to that question. Plus, if you ask Hirohiko, the man behind the series himself, he simply says that the hat has become molded and glued to Jotaro’s head cause he never took the hat off and now it’s a part of his own self, his own body. Way to troll everyone man! Well, that’s a heads up for all of you who wear hats to hide their baldness. Don’t make that hat literally ‘grow on you’ and live on your head rent free for the rest of your lives!

The Verdict
Every Jojo protagonist has that bizarre look. From the caves above Giorno’s forehead to the impossible wig Higashikata Josuke wears, Jotaro Kujo’s hat gravitates more towards the milder side of things with a hat that’s torn off at the back, making his hair spike through the back in a way you’ve never seen before. It’s one of the most bizarre mysteries of the title but at the same time it’s one that makes the character all the more memorable and all the more likely to end up as everyone’s favorite. Some people on the internet say that the hat is ‘complete’ and he’s just glued his hair at the back of the hat. I mean what even? You think Jotaro would do that? He isn’t trying that hard to keep up appearances which is evident if you recall the first few episodes of Stardust crusaders. He isn’t that try hard a protagonist now, is he? But I’ll let you come up with your own answers to the ‘question of discussion today’ as well. Till then, goodbye!

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