Is Jotaro’s Hat His Hair? Is That What It Takes to Defeat the Black Star?

Is Jotaro’s hat his hair? Is that what it takes to defeat the Black Star? This article is about a confusing issue in the ongoing series.

In episode ten of season two, Jotaro and his friend Pico have been drinking, after which they join a party. Jotaro gets angry because Pico hasn’t invited him. However, Pico explains that he is late and claims he didn’t mean to leave, therefore, leaving Jotaro confused as to whether or not Pico is telling the truth. At this point, the Black Star shows up.

The scene changes to Jotaro’s home. Inside, Jotaro and his friends come across his secret room, where they see his skull. In the room, they find that Jotaro’s hair has grown back and he has had a massive growth spurt. So how can a hat be his hair?

Jotaro’s hair grows because he was revived from the Reverse Kill and continued his mission to kill the Black Star. This is important because this is the only way to fulfill the contract given to him by the Phantom Blood. In this case, it is a case of a hat being a part of Jotaro’s physical appearance.

The next scene was of Jotaro’s friends cutting Jotaro’s hair. Since his hair didn’t really look like his hair and Pico couldn’t have made such a big mistake, Jotaro then had to deal with a strange wig that he needed to hide. However, by hiding it, he manages to get rid of it in the end. By tying the three ends of the hair into a knot, Jotaro managed to hide the hat in its place.

At this point, Jotaro cannot tell whether or not the hat is his hair or is part of his appearance. However, in the following scene, he tells Pico that it wasn’t his hair. However, in the final scene, Pico points out that it wasn’t really his hair and Jotaro shrugs his shoulders.

The Black Star is an evil entity that possess humans, and he possesses the body of a man. It is also important to note that unlike the case of Pico and his hair, who only had one hand, a hat is made up of different parts, each of which symbolizes a different thing. It is possible that the hat was actually part of Jotaro’s physical appearance since the hat has different sections and each piece is made up of various shapes and designs, all of which represent something.

Since Jotaro was resurrected, it is unclear whether or not he is still good or evil. However, in the anime, Jotaro is shown to have a strange side that he doesn’t want to show even to his friends. However, he eventually comes around and realizes that his best friend Pico is the one that he is supposed to protect.