Is Josuke’s Hat Part of His Hair?

In the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime, we see that Josuke is actually seen wearing a hat that really resembles a mans head. We don’t exactly know what it is, but it is most likely a piece of hair, which Josuke changes into by snapping his fingers. This would explain why Josuke’s hair is black, since he has yet to reach full manhood. So far, there is no way to tell just exactly what the hat is made from or if it is part of his hair, but there is speculation that the hat is indeed Josuke’s in the end.

In the manga, however, we see that Josuke does not wear the hat when he has his hair cut and his haircut at the barbershop. And even if he was wearing a hat, it is not shown in his hair, as well. Nevertheless, there are still people who have debated whether or not the hat Josuke wore is his hair, with some believing that it is just Josuke’s hair in the anime version, while others believe that it is Josuke’s hair in the manga.

Josuke’s hat has become an iconic image of the character and is definitely one of the most popular of all the hats that the character has worn throughout the series. As mentioned earlier, Josuke only wears it when he has his hair cut and his haircut. The hat in the manga and the anime is said to be a piece of Josuke’s hair that he changes into by snapping his fingers. It is rather simple in design and consists of black fur that attaches to Josuke’s head with wires or nails. At first, the hat had a face that looked somewhat like an animal skull, but it was removed and changed later.

One of the best explanations for Josuke’s hat having been his hair is that he initially wore it to hide the fact that he had a face on his face. Since he cut his hair so short, he did not want to show the face he had as a result. Since he finally did get the face tattoo removed, he uses his hat to cover it up. He doesn’t want anyone to see his facial expression because he knows it would upset him.

Another popular theory that people have is that the hat is Josuke’s real face, but that it was removed after he got the face tattoo removed. Even though he eventually gets rid of the face tattoo, he keeps the beard. He makes it appear that he is wearing a hat, but in reality, he keeps his beard. This would explain why the face mask in the anime is actually his real face, and he just covers it up with the hat. It would also explain why he had the face tattoos removed, so that he could remove the beard, and still keep the hat, since it is still his identity and he feels comfortable wearing it.

The other reason why the hat is said to be Josuke’s hair is because Josuke had his hair cut after becoming a member of the Street Gang. The Gang had their own custom hooded jacket and Josuke only wore it so long because he had his hair cut short. As a result, his gang would probably not have gotten it. When he changed his hair style to his trademark mullet, he may have done it to avoid the hooded jacket.

Another reason why the hat is believed to be Josuke’s hair is because Josuke’s hair usually grows extremely short in the beginning of the series. It might have gotten caught up in something when the men wanted it that day, but he still kept it that short. Also, it is just a common habit for a person to shave his head.

Regardless of what theory you lean towards, there is no way to know exactly what the hat is. But, the fact that there is a debate about it just proves that the hat is Josuke’s hair.

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