How Does Jotaro’s Hat Work?

You may be wondering how do Jotaro’s hat work, and if it works like it’s supposed to. If you look closely at the Jotaro’s hat, you will notice that his hat does have a large hole in the back of it, but I’ll tell you right now that it doesn’t do any good.So, if you’re trying to figure out how does Jotaro’s hat work, the answer is none of your business. Jotaro just had his head ripped off by Killua, and now he wants his hat back.The actual Jotaro hat has a yellow appearance, and when combined with the red strands around it, it is visible. It is somewhat like a spiral that the whole hat makes, and that is all that you can see of it. The blue in the middle is not really in the center of the hat, but is pretty much where he put it to hold it together.If you look at the colors on his hat, you will notice that there are seven different styles. Two red colored ones and six different types of blue. With all the colors, he can choose whatever color suits him, as long as it is a light or dark color.In addition to this, there are six different sizes of the colors that he can choose from. When you wear a bright color on your hat, you will stand out, and because of this, your opponent will be more focused on you, and less on your opponent. So when you use the colors, you can take advantage of your opponents weaknesses and make them pay for ignoring you.So now that you know how does Jotaro’s hat work, you will want to keep it in mind when you are playing the fighting game. By putting in a bright color, and a large size of the color, you will stand out from your opponent, and the ability to put it on your hat will help your game. It will allow you to make the style and color to match up with your opponent.